by James Buttler

I spoke to Alan Boothroyd this morning and expected to hear that he was putting his feet up and enjoying a well earned rest.

I should have known better.

“I’m back at work now” he said, “But I’m mentally tired. It’s not physical, but mentally I’m struggling.”

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I can never imagine what it must feel like to train for hours a day for months on end. To then run like he did for 20 days consecutively is something incomprehensible too, but then to come down and ease back into normality must be ridiculously hard.

Have you ever got hooked on the TV coverage of World Cup football, Wimbledon, the XFactor or something? You get really into the event and then, when it’s finished, you don’t know what to do with yourself. That’s the only comparison I’m fit enough to make I’m afraid.

“I think only in the last couple of hours it’s really hit me that I’ve finished it,” he added. “But I’m going to keep myself busy and get out a bit and enjoy getting back to being normal.”

“I’m looking forward to going to the match at Huddersfield Town on Saturday. I think they want me to go on the pitch at half time, but I’m looking forward to being with my mates because I’ve not really done that since December because of all the training.”

He then told me something that made me laugh…

“I travelled home with my girlfriend Lorraine driving yesterday. I had to get her to stop the car because I was car sick.”

Apparently Lorraine found it as funny as me. He’s just run the length of the country, risked every muscle and bone in the process, but relaxing in the passenger seat made him ill. Good job it wasn’t a sponsored drive.

And Alan is still hoping you can boost his running total for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

One thing’s for sure, he’s hugely grateful for the support you’ve all given him.

“I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported me,” he said. “I got so many tweets on that last day I had to charge my phone three times. I’ve met some lovely people along the way too.”

“A lot of people have said they are disappointed I’ve finished because they have been looking out for my tweets.

“They’ve said they are going to miss following my run.”

It’s probably a little much to expect him to run forever!!

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One way to sponsor Alan is to donate a minimum of £5 and quote YCCC in the support message – you will be automatically entered into a draw for Yorkshire skipper Andrew Gale’s signed Champions League shirt.

More details on the signed shirt HERE

The cricketer, also a Huddersfield Town fan, and his Yorkshire teammates have been hugely supportive of Alan’s charity initiative. Alan told me he would love to meet Galey and the team and say thanks in person for all of their retweets and messages over the last three weeks.

The Yorkshire skipper and his teammates have been big supporters of Alan Boothroyd's efforts over the last three weeks

The Yorkshire skipper and his teammates have been big supporters of Alan Boothroyd’s efforts over the last three weeks