Browser Support

At Approved Food, we want you to have a safe and secure shopping experience.

Web Browsers are getting better and more secure. all the time.

Unfortunately, after they've been released, new threats to security always emerge.

Browser makers handle this by creating security updates, which secure browsers against these new threats.

Sadly, browser makers don't have the resources to support older browsers indefinitely. When they get too old to practically update, they are discontinued, and users are encouraged to upgrade to a newer, safer browser.

Because we care about your security, below is a list of the browsers we currently support:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Apple Safari Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera
Version 11: Full Support Version 8, 9, 10 (Discontinued): Partial support Version 6, Version 7: Not supported Full Support * Version 10.1: Full support (Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra) Older versions (Discontinued): Partial support Version 58.0.3029 and up: Full support ** Version 53.0 and up: Full support ** All Versions: Partial support
* These browsers have moved to a 'rolling release' system, where they automatically update to the latest version whenever one is available.
** These browsers keep themselves up-to-date by default, but have ceased to support some older Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. If you are still running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you should consider either upgrading your operating system or downloading an alternative browser, such as Midori.